Adams - Ashby Family History

With connected family names including Baugh, Bell, Fowler, Gravitt, Hart, Hockersmith, Palmer, Stout, and many others.

Change Log

27 Feb 2018

I recently received an interesting note from a writer's group which has recently started a family history project. They thanked me for a "non-spammy" site which gave them ideas to get started. They also shared a link to History at Home Genealogy Guide.  That link has been added to the Links page on this site.

I've recently started adding data from the 1925 Iowa State Census to people in my database. The interesting thing about that census is that it asks for the parents name, birthplace, and marriage place for each person enumerated in the census.  Hopefully I will have the remainder of my 1925 census records added to this site with the next update. As usual some data has been added and some cleaned up on the site..


22 Jan 2018

Two items, Links and DNA have been added to the menu at the top of each page.

As usual some data on the site has been added and some cleaned up.


02 Sep 2017

Since the last update to this site, the genealogy database software I now use, Legacy Family Tree, has had a major upgrade.  I've spent a lot of time since the last update to this site using the new features in the new version.  Legacy is available in two editions.  the Standard Edition is Free and can be used indefinitely. The Deluxe Edition has many additional features which I believe more than justifies the purchase price.  I have no interest in Legacy Family Tree or Millennia corporation other than that of a satisfied customer.

I hope to make more frequent updates to this site as I've taken the time to figure out some software issues I've had with updating the site.


 3 Feb 2017

1. GedSite can now add links to Google Maps for locations listed in the data for individuals. There will be a "G" enclosed in a small red circle near the loaction name. Click on the circle to go to a Google Map for that location. To return to the individual's record, click on the return arrow on your browser.

2. I can now create an alphabetised list of people with additions or edits since a specified date. When you open the "Recent Edits" window, the start date will be shown at the top of the window text. The end date will be the site updated date shown at the bottom of the window.

As usual, this update includes cleaned up data import and some data additions.


8 Jan 2017

First public release of revised website created with Legacy Family Tree and GedSite.